Hotels are often called the visit card of a city, and served as a symbol of economic growth. Since 1871, when the railway station was open, Chisinau evolved from a small town into an important city of this area.

Nowadays, when the interest for Chisinau increased, appeared the necessity to build new, modern high-class hotels and “MaximPasha Hotel” is one of them.

This hotel is a project of Almira Company, a family business which maintained its position on market for 20 years and invests a lot in different fields of national economy.

The name “MaximPasha” is composed from the name of the company’s founder and his nephew and represents the combination of wisdom and experience gained through the years by the elder generation with the enthusiasm and dreams that are so typical for new generation.

The emblem of this family is also the hotel’s logo and you can see it in the interior and on different accessories.