Thai massage types

Foot reflexology thai massage – 50 min – 250 MDL

An ancient art of healing, that applies pressure to specific points of the feet to treat problems in all part of the body.

Head, back and shoulder massage – 60 min – 290 MDL

A head massage is a highly relaxing massage, that is given to the end of every lines running along the back and shoulders where muscle knots can form, as a result of long hours of sitting in your office.

Traditional thai relax massage – 90 min – 490 MDL

A combination of yoga stetches, muscle massage and joints manipulation,  it will strengthen your physically and harmonize your energy lines.

Thai aroma massage – 60 min – 400 MDL

Applies a technique of traditional thain massage using a unique blend of essential oil to work on your major meridians, it aims to harmonizing the body,rejuvenating the soul,and dispersing deficiencies along your energy lines.                                * Aroma massage in 4 hands -50 min – 700 MDL

Body slimming massage – 60 min – 590 MDL

With a special formula invented by qualified researches, this treatment will help loosen your waist.  With chamomile extract, elastin, collagen and vitamin E , your skin will became smoother and firmer.

Traditional thai herbal massage – 120 min – 690 MDL

Begins with traditional thai massage “luk prakob” which contain steamed ground herbal mixture, which is then pressed over the affect areas. It can effectively improve blood circulation and relive muscle pains.

Thai body scrub – 60 min – 590 MDL

Indulge yourself in a full body scrub of your choice to remove dead skin.

Thai body glowing – 60 min – 790 MDL

Indulge yourself in a tropical fruit scrub, which consists of vitamin C and extract from papaya, orange and pineapple, followed up with tropical fruit wrap to make your skin whitened and smoothned. End this session with glowing lotion to make your skin sparkling and glowing.